Creating a Better Doctor Patient Experience.

We understand the thoughts leading up to a medical procedure can be daunting, which is why we help doctors create personalized procedure videos to create the best experience for both doctors and their patients.

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of patients prefer prodecure videos

Almost every patient believed personalized procedure videos enhanced their healthcare experience


Reviews Generated For Doctors

Doctors have generated over 1000 reviews online from using our services.


of Patients consider online reviews

Most patients consider online reviews when selecting a healthcare provider

Personalized Procedure Videos

Patients receive additional face to face time with their doctor through our personalized procedure videos, which recreate and expand upon the normal medical office visit. These videos can be viewed wherever, whenever, and as mny times as patients and their loved ones would like

We help doctors with the entire process of creating procedure videos for each of their medical procedures they offer for patients. This includes assistance with scripts for each procedure, professional video production, editing, hosting of the procedure videos, and more!

Online Reviews, Reputation, SEO, & Online Presence Management

More and more, patients are relying on information online to choose their doctor. This is why we help doctors get more online reviews from their patients in order to boost their online presence and gain new patients. Additionally, we help doctors manage their online presence to maximize their Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and accurately depict all relevant information to potential new patients.

Seamless Integration Across the Entire Patient Experience

Work with doctors and their office staff to implement our system throughout the entire patient experience. This includes integration with EHR and ability to text procedure videos to patients, instructions sheets and QR codes, assistance with implementing patient satisfactions survey and getting more patient reviews, and much more. Furthermore, we work with the doctor's office on an on-going basis to ensure smooth operation of our system and the best experience for doctors and their patients.

Doctor Testimonials

Dr. Brian Hoeflinger

Dr. Brian Hoeflinger, MD

Neurosurgery • Male • Age 57

Dr. Brian Hoeflinger, MD is a Neurosurgery Specialist in Maumee, OH. He has been using Assent Medical Media for many years and explains how it has had a positive impact on his patients.

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Doug Olson, MD

Orthopedics • Male • Age 37

Dr. Doug Olson is an Orthopedic surgeon in Maumee, OH. He explains how Assent Medical Media has helped him improve his practice by boosting his patients’ level of understanding and satisfaction, increasing office workflow, and improving his online presence.

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John Doe
Dr. James Lyions

Dr. James Lyions, MD

Orthopedics • Male • Age 42

Dr. James Lyions is an Orthopedic surgeon in Maumee, OH. He explains how Assent Medical Media has helped him improve his practice by elevating his patients’ education on their surgical procedure and their overall healthcare experience. In addition, Assent Medical Media has managed and optimized his online presence and social media presence.

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Justin Lea, MD

Orthopedics • Male • Age 33

Dr. Justin Lea is an Orthopedic surgeon in Maumee, OH. He explains how Assent Medical Media has helped him improve his practice by elevating patient education and boosting his online presence.

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Dr. Justin Lea

Patients Love Personalized Procedure Videos!

These procedure videos should be available to all patients and strongly recommended to be watched.

Jane Patient

The calm, precise manner is which the procedure video is done is re-assuring. It's very informative and each patient would benefit from viewing it. Thank you for providing this needed education!

Steven Patient

I really appreciated the procedure videos. My comfort level only increased after watching them. So much BETTER THAN GOOGLE! Thank you for taking the time to put them together.

Kate Patient

The procedure video helped family members understand everything. Helped us understand the procedure so there were no surprises and we knew what to expect. Thank you for the video. I wish all doctors did this.

Bill Patient